Wir sind ein Volk

Once upon a time a little man from Austria came to Germany to ... Well, that’s a different story but some are wishing for this fairytale to return. But why? Right, it’s about German values that are in imminent danger, about chemtrails and of course the system. Profound anxieties are hiding behind those “facts”: Monsters in your wardrobe, the black man etc. And of course there are others who trigger these anxieties. They put on make-up, trying to be perceived as a party and talk about 1000 years of Germany. In general, Nazis or “worried citizens” (Besorgte Bürger) want everything back to how things were, because everything was better back in the good old days: No Euro, no gender-equality and of course no refugees whose fault it is that we don’t even have a regular winter anymore … You don’t have to be leftwing to realize that something really bad is happening.

Let us swing our clubs against the rightwing movements by using their colours, symbols, flags and rhetoric against them. Hate and violence – even protected and covered under the disguise of concern – has no place in Germany. Nothing is forgotten.


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Creative thinker, inventor, Sicilian, never being too bad for confrontations, who takes the raw materials for his ideas from system theory and mathematics. He is the initiator of Wir sind ein Volk.


Rasmus Fuhrmann
PR / Media Relations

German-Swede Rasmus Fuhrmann is a studied political scientist / communicator who can look back on many years of international experience in Sweden, Jordan and Belgium.




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